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Heavy Duty Stainless Conveyor. Ideal for Wash Down or Corrosive Applications. Variety of Sizes. 1.9" Diameter Rollers. Rollers Set High. We also have Medium Duty Stainless Conveyors. Heavy Duty. Make Sure to Also Order Supports which are Found on the Bottom of this Page. More Options:

Conveyors are used for: Movement of materials, products and loads throughout a manufacturing or distribution facility, conveyors are horizontal, inclined or vertical devices. Product transport is powered by gravity or by hydraulic or electric power. Loads ride atop roller or a belt that travels along a fixed path with specific points for loading and discharge. […]

M1000 Stainless steel wash-down chain driven live roller conveyors. Stainless steel chain driven live roller conveyor system for heavy-duty applications. A complete conveyor system can be created with straight sections, curves, 90 …

Gravity Roller Conveyors for Wash-Down & Traditional Warehouse Solutions F.E.I., Inc offers many styles of gravity rollers for Wash-Down and traditional warehouse applications. There are Blind-Bore Ball-n-Sokit, Thru-Bore, Extended Pin and Spring Retained axle styles. Conveyor materials are available in stainless steel, PVC, UHMW or mild steel.

Conveyor Scale with 17" touchscreen, infeed conveyor, outfeed conveyor, guide rails and draft shield Conveyor Scale with Infeed & Outfeed Conveyor. Reject will divert out of weight product to the roller conveyor for rework.

Made-to-Order Large-Diameter Corrosion-Resistant Conveyor Rollers. Choose the width you need from 6" to 60" in 1/16" increments. With all stainless steel construction, these rollers are suitable for washdown applications. Double sealed bearings keep out dirt and moisture. For technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a part number. For Between.

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PVC Plastic Conveyor Rollers

Our blind bore rollers are ideal for use where equipment wash downs occur and on roller flight conveyors. JPS plastic conveyor rollers are relatively maintenance free! While most of our plastic rollers are used in conveying applications, there are many non-conveying uses for plastic rollers. Feel free to discuss your application with JPS.

Rulmeca Drum motors is the ideal system for the drive of belt conveyors. Being composed of a motor, bearings and gearbox hermetically enclosed inside the casing, it is partially filled with oil that acts as lubricant and refrigerant to dissipate away …

Wash Box™ Engineered Transfer Chutes ... Seized rollers & sharp edges. Many conveyor belts are made from metallic materials such as steel. This is good for belt durability and lifespan, but it also means that when the rollers seize up, they can form sharp edges that make the belt mistrack down the centerline of the conveyor belt.

Protection from scratching or marring – Heavy duty belt conveyors are usually employed when roller conveyors are not suitable. Belt conveyors can handle delicate products and materials for better protection from scratching or marring. They are also often used in wash down applications.

Whether you require a roller for a powered conveyor or a gravity conveyor, we can help. We are working to bring these deep discounts to you via online shopping cart. In the meantime, your best bet to save big on rollers and pulleys is to call us at (724) 969-1188 and request a quick quote.

Since 2003, Conveyor Concepts of Michigan has been designing and building custom equipment and products to complete automated materials handling systems. Our products, equipment and systems have been installed and are still standing the test of time in over XX facilities and XX industries across the material handling spectrum. With a newly ...

CC SERIES for wash-down; PRG Plastic PVC rollers. Light to medium duty; PRP Plastic PVC rollers medium duty / Under- Belt ; 14T x1/2 double simple sprocket rollers; 15T 5/8"p Fixed Drive Roller with double simple Steel sprockets; POLYV Slave roller to suit PJ flexible belt; Conveyors. GTLD13 General Parcel/ Table top Conveyor ; 13kg items

Conveyor Door Control. Control of waste removal door on a high speed pizza conveying machine. A conveyor manufacturer needed to open and close a 6" waste removal door in about ½ second to support production of 180 units per minute. The installed actuator had to withstand wash-down and cleaning chemicals.

65MPB Series Stainless Steel Wash Down. Stainless Steel Cleated Wire Mesh Conveyor. ... 56GR Series Gravity Roller Conveyor. Bi-Flow Accumulation Table. 100 Series Low Back Pressure Double Speed Chain Conveyor. Vision Inspection Conveyors. Low Profile Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor. Dual Lane Vacuum Conveyor. Dual Lane Magnetic Conveyor ...

Gravity Roller, Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR), Lineshaft Driven Live Roller (LDLR) and Motor Driven Roller (MDR) conveyors are available to fit your packaged food handling needs. Rollers can be custom built for extreme temperature ranges, high speed, and wash-down environments along with many other customizations.

Learn how Span Tech's conveyor systems are the ideal solution when sanitation is a high priority. Our washdown conveyors are designed with effective clean out holes, making it easier than ever to keep your conveyor system clean. Get …

Rex Idlers, Belt Conveyor Components, Whisperol Rollers, Spray Nozzles 6000 Manual | English | 1 Product Support Contact Rexnord to receive product and service information for Idlers. North America. 1-866-REXNORD (1-866-739-6673) Outside North America +31 174 445111. Contact Us › ...

Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) conveyors can handle heavy loads such as pallets, drums, totes, and racks. The load requires a bottom surface that can span multiple rollers. Load capacities range from small light weight totes up to large racks weighing several thousand pounds. The positive drive force of the chain loops allow CDLR conveyor to ...

Conveyor Systems & Engineering, Inc. is committed to providing the most safe and reliable rollers to suit any system or process in a busy working facility, whether the conveyor uses a gravity or powered mechanism of action. A strong and long lasting effect is produced through self-lubrication offered on many of our rollers.

Model has full wash-down motors and drives, composite wash-down bearings, food grade or sanitary stainless steel construction with food grade belts. The conveyors magnetic elements are especially designed to stabilize the cans at …

Conveyor Warning Labels ( results) CEMA labels help keep conveying equipment operations safe by communicating the typical hazards, cautions and warnings of moving equipment to your employees. CEMA labels are clearly visible and can be placed anywhere on the conveying equipment so that operators know the dangers that should be avoided.

Generally, wet processing equipment removes unwanted material from feeds, aids in the formation of a spec, sizes and separates and/or removes moisture. We wash sand and gravel for better roads and bridges, lasting foundations and — best of all — to command higher prices for our products. Washing Equipment Product Handbook ».

Our accumulation conveyors contains tubes that rotate freely under products that are stopped on the chain, allowing a longer slug of products to accumulate without crushing the first product. The tubes rotate freely on the stainless steel rods, acting as rolls and allowing the chain to easily run under a stationary product without marking it.

Varying conveyor belt styles and materials are available for all DynaCon and Hybrid plastic belt conveyor systems. Standard flat top conveyor belt. For general light & medium weight applications; Polypropylene, acetal or nylon (for high temperatures) FDA approved; Perforated flat top conveyor belt. For water bath, wash down and cooling

34 Rollers for Washdown Conveyors | McMaster-Carr Small-Diameter Corrosion …

Get in touch for more information on small conveyor roller wheels, plastic track conveyor roller wheels, and heavy duty rollers for industrial applications. Benefits of thermoplastic conveyor roller wheels: Free running capability to convey very lightweight loads; Suitable for use in humid, wet or wash-down environments; Non-marking; Low cost

Sanitary (& Washdown) / Food Grade and Pharmaceutical Conveyor Solutions. Our innovative Sanitary Conveyors are designed with Stainless Steel construction and are built to food industry and plant specific needs as dictated by your sanitation or food safety requirements. Designed to fit your company's unique processing application, we will ensure you get exactly what you need.

Grooved, Stainless & BZP GRP Rollers. BS54 / BS60 PVC Sleeved Rollers. KTR Universal rollers (1700) TR54 taper rollers for bends and curves. RG Steel conveyor rollers-free running. PR Steel rollers for under belt & gravity. NSPR H/Duty Roller & Belt Tension Roller. IR Series steel rollers - Bulk Handling / Heavy Duty Industrial Rollers.

Roller conveyors are a form of conveyor that uses gravity or manual pushes instead of electrical power sources to move objects from one place to another. Using rotating rollers that are spaced evenly apart, loads or objects can be moved down the line with a simple push or by letting gravity do the work. Both gravity roller conveyor and ...

The Roller Builder from ConveryorRollers.com in an online Conveyor Roller Builder for customers to order customized conveyor rollers. Call 866-976-5537

The frictional resistance of idler rolls to rotation and sliding resistance between the belt and the idler rolls can be calculated by using the multiplying factor K x . K x is a force in lbs/ft of conveyor length to rotate the idler rolls, carrying and return, and to cover the sliding resistance of the belt on the idler rolls. The K x value ...

Conveyor frames and supports are FDA powder coated. The washdown rated package consists of 304 stainless steel 2B mill finish. Stitch welded conveyor frames and supports use 304 stainless steel rollers and pulleys. Lubricants are FDA-H1 with an epoxy painted washdown drive. The hygienic rated package consists of 304 stainless steel 2B mill finish.

Small-Diameter Corrosion-Resistant Conveyor Rollers. Made from stainless steel, these rollers are suitable for washdown applications. Rollers with stainless steel bearings are more durable than rollers with plastic bearings. For technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a part number.